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September 2011
White Bear Lake - Water Level Decrease and Docks

White Bear Lake - Water Levels - September 2011

August 2017 - Findings of Fact Conclusions of Law and Order - White Bear Lake case - READ

August 2017 - White Bear Lake homeowners win suit against state - READ THE ARTICLE

August 2017 - White Bear homeowners win suit against DNR over lake levels - READ THE ARTICLE

August 2017 - Judge rules the State of Minnesota failed to protect White Bear Lake.  READ THE ARTICLE

January 2014 - White Bear Lake Tests New Approach to limited water supplies. READ THE ARTICLE

March 2013 - DNR says White Bear Lake suit should be tossed out. READ THE ARTICLE

November 2012 - Ciresi law firm to work pro bono on White Bear Lake water level lawsuit.  READ THE ARTICLE

November 2012 - DNR sued over White Bear Lake water levels. READ THE ARTICLE

November 2012 - White Bear Lake lawsuit faults DNR for water woes - READ THE ARTICLE

November 2011 - DNR Cracking Down on White Bear Lake Homeowners. READ THE ARTICLE