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2016 Water Quality Monitoring Summary
    (See page 5 for Detroit Lake informtion)
    Pelican River Watershed District

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Water Laws in Minnesota

Minnesota public waters are protected by Minnesota Shoreland Statutes and Local Government Ordinances. Here are some                 Q & As regarding MInnesota water laws: 

Detroit Lake is part of the Pelican River Watershed. This map details Detroit Lake position in the major Pelican River watershed (towards the "top") and part of the Upper Pelican River Subwatershed. The Pelican River Watershed District lies in the upper western reaches of the Otter Tail River Basin and encompassing the City of Detroit Lakes.

The mission of the Pelican River Watershed District is to enhance the quality of water
in the lakes within its jurisdiction through rules & permitting,
stormwater management, water resource improvement,
education & outreach and technical assistance.

DOC005 Page 21

PHOTO - Water Rural Surface Water Hot Air Balloon at Long Lake1  PHOTO - Surface Water - Lake

September 12, 2016 - Hold on to your docks!  As a result of above average rains over the last 60 days, Detroit's lake level is at its high for the year. And while this year's high isn't so much compared to recent years' high water experiences, it is unusual in that the high water is occurring near the end of the season. Indeed, the lake is about 13 inches higher than it was at this time last year.  Dick Hecock

Key Water Information - This link  provides easy access to key water information and data from six Minnesota state agencies. It  is not designed to be a comprehensive listing of Minnesota water information links, but a listing of main or key web pages of water information and hosted by Metropolitan Council.