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Lake Detroiters works closely with the Pelican River Watershed advocating for protection of our community lake.  Learn more about PRWD and current projects pertaining to Detroit Lake on their WEBSITE

Water Management Plan Update - June 1, 2017 deadline.  The Pelican River Watershed District Board of Managers is seeking input to help with updating the District’s Water Management Plan. The District is involved with environmental education, water quality (monitoring, storm water, shoreline restoration), aquatic invasive species management, etc. All work that watershed districts do during the plan period is controlled by the updated plan. Minnesota Watershed Districts are required to update their Water Management Plan every 10 years.  Please contact Pelican River Watershed District with your input or attend a regularly schedule month Board of Managers meeting.

Revised Permit Application and Inspection Fee Schedule

The Pelican River Watershed Board of Managers has updated the Permit Application and Site Inspection fees for the first time in over ten years!  For most applicants, there will be little change.  Shore Impact Zone Alteration Permits, including rip-rap, sand blankets, ice ridge repair, and vegetation removal was increased from $75 to $100), while Stormwater Management Permits for small sites (>25% impervious surface), was decreased from $175 to $150. 

The largest change was to fees associated with Stormwater Management Permits for large construction projects which require the plans to be reviewed by the District Engineer.

The updated Permit and Inspection Fee schedule and the PRWD permit application can be found below.

2016 Permit Application and Inspection Fees
Pelican River Watershed District Permit Application

If you have any questions regarding about your project, please feel free to contact us.

Pelican River Watershed District celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 2016.  Click here to view the contents.

Pelican River 50th Anniversay Booklet - COVER


"The mission of the Pelican River Watershed District is to enhance the quality of water in the lakes within its jurisdiction. It is understood that to accomplish this, the District must ensure that wise decisions are made concerning the management of streams, wetlands, lakes, groundwater, and related land resources which affect these lakes."

PRWD accomplishes its mission through the following programs.

  • Watershed Rules and Permitting
  • Stormwater & Best Management Practices
  • Monitoring and Mapping
  • Water Resource Improvement Projects
  • Aquatic Invasive Species monitoring/prevention and management
  • Education and Outreach
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Funding water quality improvement projects and programs


5-8PM Thursday, August 9, 2018
Dunton Locks Regional Park
Detroit Lakes, MN 


Some Current PRWD Projects
Benefiting Detroit Lake:

Flowering Rush Management
Curly Leaf Pondweed Reduction
Decreasing Phosphorus Loading
Water Monitoring

Call PRWD with Questions: 218-846-0436

District Staff

GuetterTera Guetter; Administrator

canoe photoBrent Alcott; Asst. Administrator

BrendaBrenda Moses; Office Administrator