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Hydraulic Jet Attached to Dock:

PHOTO - Hydralic Jets

Hydraulic Jet Damage:

PHOTO - Hydralic Jets - Damage

Caution on Using Hydraulic Jets on Minnesota Lakes

NOTE :: If the use of hydraulic jets is to move sediment or uproot aquatic plants which alters the lakebed; then the intended use is illegal and could be subject to MN DNR enforcement action.

Hydraulic jets can cause problems. Use caution when thinking about purchasing one of these devices, sometimes advertised to blast away debris from a shoreline. It is illegal to move sediment or uproot aquatic plants with hydraulic jets.

These devices can stir up the lake bottom and reduce water clarity. Turbid, muddy water harms fish and creates a nuisance for people using the lake, so leave lake bottoms intact. READ MORE ABOUT USING HYDRAULIC JETS or DOWNLOAD A PDF COPY