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Check out Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates (MLR - formerly MSRPO). They advocate for lake protection and LDA is a member:

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Flowering Rush spraying schedule

Ice damage info and permits

Water quality data on your lake

Road side pickup schedule

Rain garden fact sheet

Use the District’s aerial map to zoom in on your neighborhood

The Minnesota Invasive Species Advisory Council (MISAC), a diverse group with a common interest in battling nonnative invasive species in Minnesota was initiated in May 2001. The Council was formed in response to Presidential Executive Order 13112 on invasive species, the National Invasive Species Management Plan, and Minnesota Legislation that encouraged the state to plan and take action on invasive species.

Mission -TCANS is composed of a team of experts currently conducting research on aquatic biota. TCANS provides sound science, innovative technology and knowledge in control and management of aquatic nuisance species and sustainable development of lakes, reservoirs, rivers, marinas, and coastal areas. The mission of the Technical Center for Aquatic Nuisance Species is to improve environmental and human health, as well as economic wealth through collaborative research and offering timely training to students and the public.