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B tentaculata2           faucet snail2

                                                                    Faucet Snails Attached to a Rock

The snail is an intermediate host for three intestinal trematodes, or flukes, that cause mortality in ducks and coots. These parasites have a complex life history and require two intermediate hosts, such as the faucet snail to develop. When waterfowl consume the infected snails, the adult trematodes attack the internal organs and cause lesions and hemorrhage. Infected birds appear lethargic and have difficulty diving and flying before eventually dying. The trematodes have contributed to the deaths of about 9,000 scaup and coots in 2007 and 2008 on Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota. Faucet snails also compete with native snails, and may clog water intake pipes and other submerged equipment. There is no evidence that other wildlife besides waterfowl, including any fish species, are adversely affected by the trematodes present in faucet snails. Anglers can eat fish from Lake Winnibigoshish without worry of the parasite. Faucet snails are not known to be co-hosts for the swimmers itch fluke.

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July 2012

Facet Snails Discovered in Becker County in small ponds on White Earth Nation and Becker County lands.  READ ARTICLE


US Faucet Snail Infestation

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