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“To promote the protection and enhancement of Detroit Lake”

2020 LDA Annual Meeting

Date:   June 20, 2020


Location:  Shorewood Pub


Agenda/Details coming soon!


2019 LDA 75th Annual Meeting


June 2018 - LDA Annual Meeting


May 29, 2018
Chemical Treatment of Curly-Leaf Pondweed on Detroit and Deadshot Bay: Weather permitting, this chemical treatment will happen either late Tuesday, May 29th or early Wednesday, May 30th. Restrictions include not drinking lake water until chemical levels are below 1ppm.  Discontinue livestock watering for 14 days after application.  Signs will be posted after application.
Treatment maps can be found on the Pelican River Watershed District web page at

April 2018
MN DNR advises people to keep aquarium pets and plants out of MN waters. It has long been suspected that flowering rush was introduced to Deadshot Bay; Detroit Lake in the 1970s as a "beautiful plant".  Everyone knows the rest of the story.  Goldfish and other aquarium pets/plants could have the same impact on public waters.  Click here for more information.

February 2018
Detroit Lakes 2018 Flowering Rush Treatment Report :: Click here to see more

February 2018
2017 Detroit Lake AIS Inspection Program Results.  Click here to read more

February 2018
Critics are not satisfied with the Mille Lake walleye report.  READ THE ARTICLE

January 2018
Statewide Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Committee 2017 Annual Report

February 2017
2017 MN DNR Regional AIS Prevention Workshop Information

May 18, 2017
Curly-leaf pondweed treatment will occur tomorrow (Friday, May 19th) weather dependant. There are no special precautions. 

Lake Detroiters Annual Meeting


Starry Stonewort discovered in West Lake Sylvia; Wright County - October - October 8, 2016

MN DNR announced that starry stonewort (SSW) was discoved in West Lake Sylvia in Wright County at the public access.  This is the 7th lake in less than two months where starry stonewort has been detected and the 8th lake in MN since August 28, 2015 to succumb to SSW. Here is a map of the locations. Fall is when the filamentous algae (looks like a plant but actually is algae because it has no roots) develops bulbils, or what appears like small white flowers, and can be easily detected at the waterline. Any suspicious infestation should be immediately reported to the Pelican River Pelican River Watershed District (218-846-0436) or our local DNR AIS Specialist, Mark Ranweiler (218-616-2117). Early detection translates to better treatment opportunities!  WEST LAKE SYLVIA NEWS RELEASE

  starryMap - West Lake Sylvia - Wright County - September 20161

Zebra Mussels Discovered on Maud Lake - October 6, 2016 - October 7, 2016

Two zebra mussels were reported by a lake service provider when a boat lift was removed from Maud Lake.  Maud is located 2 miles East of already zebra mussel infested Big Cormorant Lake which is west of Detroit Lakes. NEWS RELEASE

Zebra Mussels Discovered in Big Detroit Lake - August 18, 2016 - September 29, 2016

Yesterday, Lake Detroiters Association notified lake homeowners that zebra mussels were discovered in Big Detroit Lake, some as small as 3mm. What was so amazing was that an angler noticed a very small zebra mussel attached to a native plant while fishing. The angler provided the GPS location to the MN DNR.  Here are a couple of photographs of the zebra mussels that the MN DNR discovered upon their search.  More information and maps.

P10608092  P10608151

Lake Sallie Designated with Zebra Mussels - September 22, 2016 - September 22, 2016

MN DNR announced that zebra mussels have been confirmed in Lake Sallie at three locations of the lake. NEWS RELEASE

ZMs From Big Birch Lake - Stearns and Todd Counties - September 2016


2016 Annual Meeting - Saturday; June 25th - September 21, 2016

Lake Detroiters Annual Meeting, "Healthy Lake ... Happy Lake", at the Detroit Lakes Pavilion. 

IMG 8161  IMG 8158 
        Annual Meeting at Pavilion     Good Homeowner Respresentation 
IMG 8183  IMG 8173
        Dick Alsop-Friend of the Lakes   Zebra Mussel Canine Demonstration

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